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Shelley Young


Award winning, international bestselling author of thriller-suspense, mystery, science fiction and historical fiction. 

President of Shelley Fiction Publishing

Love Sci-fi? A free novella guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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The expected release date for book two of the FORBIDDEN LILY is not yet available, but the novel is near completion. Pre-orders will soon be offered. Make sure to purchase your copy to have this book on its release date. Thanks for your patience and thanks for making the FORBIDDEN LILY a bestseller on Amazon.

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If you loved The Forbidden Lily, be sure to pick up one of 3 new historicals coming soon.

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Many people have wondered what’s truly out there in deep space. After Ericka and her crew leave Earth in search of the planet of Shieleer, their exploration of space becomes deadly when they come across an unknown ancient species that will later be known as the New Breed. Able to infect its victims with black spores that cause mutation, Ericka and the crew must first save themselves, but what if there's more to this species than believe? And what if the species finds a way to reach Earth?

Two lucky people will be chosen to receive book one of my sci-fi series, The Babisian Box. All you have to do is join my mailing list if you haven't already and you can be one of the lucky winners.

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Winner of the Honorable Mention award in the category of Best Sci-Fi by the Los Angeles Book Festival, and part of the Sci-Fi book series that reached #41 on overall Sci-Fi books sold on Amazon during the week of its release.


A woman with psychic abilities is abducted shortly after Earth is invaded and given as a mate to a half alien, half human prince.

After being captured and genetically modified, she discovers the reason the Babisianx have come. It’s not to steal Earth’s resources, but something far more sinister.


Book 2 of The Battle of Eiglexx series. Not intended for readers under 18. Download your copy today by clicking the book cover and find out why this book made the cut for the awards category for Best Sci-Fi. 

Psychological Thriller

Old New Orleans Historical

Steamy Murder Mystery

The Rain House by Shelley Young

Click any cover to read sample chapters and descriptions on Amazon.

The Forbidden Lily by Shelley Young

The Dardian Dreshaj Series: Romantic Thriller Suspense 6x International Bestseller

The Blood Feud by Shelley Young
The Blood Trail by Shelley Young

Click covers to read sample chapters and descriptions on Amazon.

The Babisian Box by Shelley Young
The Riseof the Eiglexx by Shelley Young
The Birth of a Corsai by Shelley Young
The EWA 8 by Shelley Young

Click covers to read sample chapters and descriptions on Amazon.


Anyone Can Write by Shelley Young

Become a bestselling author. Order an autographed copy or buy direct from Amazon.

4-Book Bundle Set $9.99

The Battle of Eiglexx 4-Book Boxed Set

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Book 5 of my Sci-Fi Series New Release!

Dominants & Mortals by Shelley Young
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Plain Dealing by Shelley Young
The Blood Tie by Shelley Young

The Battle of Eiglexx 4 Book Series: Sci-Fi, Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic, Genetic Alterations, Romance, 4x Bestseller, reached #41 Overall Sci-Fi books sold


Plain Dealing by Shelley Young

Click the cover to make a purchase or read sample chapters on Amazon.

Murder in a small rural town turns residents into private dicks ready to solve the case, including four old ladies that the townsfolk call their own FBI (Fickle Bitch Instigators). The rumor mill headquarters are the Snack and Eat Diner and the Piggly Wiggly, and the gossip coming out of both run faster than the Internet. Men folk are armed with rifles. Pickup trucks are out patrolling. Even Lil Joe, a teen boy with the brain of a six year old, is donning black clothing, has armed himself with a toy pistol and has declared himself a deputy from the town’s only police station. What everyone needs is a suspect, but so far Sheriff Earl Ricky ‘Jelly’ Lymon hasn’t given them one. But who needs a sheriff to solve a murder in a town with a population of one thousand, especially when everyone in it thinks they know everything about their neighbor?

Someone amongst them  is a killer and all eyes are on Dr. Tell, the owner of the hospital where the victim worked. It jess gotta be him, because rumahs about the unmarried doctor have circulated for yairs. From what everyone’s heard, Dr. Tell takes nurses inside his office two and three at a time and what he does to them behind closed doors would make even a prostitute blush. Only problem is his alibi seems tight, but this will only spare him a few more days. As long as the town’s FBI is collecting the latest gossip, everyone reckons that soon they can crack this case open wide.

Only one person isn’t looking for the killer and that’s the town’s outcast. No one likes Alison Saunders because she ain’t a God-fearing Baptist. She’s Catholic and it ain’t good to be diff’ernt around these parts. She’s a nurse at the hospital and someone inside it has her thinking she may be the killer’s next victim. After crashing her car, she relies on Dr. Tell to take her back and forth to work, only to discover the secrets about him he’s managed to keep out of the rumor mill. He also proves the old saying that in every rumor is a morsel of truth. It doesn't take long before he also has her blushing behind closed doors. With Dr. Tell treating her like her first real friend, she’s ready to stop living like a nun and become a big 'ol sinner. And Dr. Tell isn’t letting her down as he introduces this young Southern woman to a sexual lifestyle she never knew existed. It seems like both of them are falling in love, but after more women connected with the hospital are murdered, Sheriff Jelly can’t help wondering if Alison has turned herself into the perfect victim.

Filled with moments of knee-slapping laughter, this book will have you experiencing small town country living, bdsmerotica and a murder mystery you may be unable to put down or solve until the last page.

A woman with the gift of seeing any time in the past, present and future becomes the hunted during Earth's invasion.

The Babisian Box

International Best Seller

(Reached #51 on overall science fiction books sold on Amazon)

Take a moment and watch the trailer.

The Babisian Box by Shelley Young

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